Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The OmniChannel Movement Forces Retailers to Move Faster to Keep Up with Shoppers

The dramatic changes in shopping behaviors influenced by digital will continue to influence the future of retail.

To hear what big changes we can expect, and how to react to them, we sat down with Alana Joy Feldman, Digital Shopper Marketing & E-commerce Specialist, Consumer Health Division at Bayer HealthCare LLC.

Here’s what Alana had to say:

How has omnichannel impacted retail positively?

Feldman: The “omnichannel movement” has forced retailers & manufactures to move faster, in order to accommodate shopper’s needs. A true, successful omnichannel experience allows shopping to feel personalized, as it offers each shopper an enjoyable and consistent experience, regardless of channel or device. Entering more of these channels increases a retailer’s reach, allowing them to touch and convert more people.

Another positive impact that stems from omnichannel retail is the increased amount of data it provides. Although many are still trying to understand how to harness and wield this data effectively, it will ultimately fuel better shopper marketing and overall shopping experiences.

How are shoppers shaping the future of retail?

Feldman: Shoppers are shaping the future of retail by being more informed and more demanding than ever. Access to information via technology is now the norm, which has created an omniscient shopper who has taken control of the retail experience. Retailers should constantly be monitoring current shopping behaviors and changing consumer preferences as these will continue to influence the future of retail.

Why is it important to link digital and physical shopper marketing?

Feldman: Linking digital and physical shopper marketing is important because in the eyes of the shopper, there is no difference. The less integrated a shopper marketing program is, the more clunky and unnatural the experience. With technology permeating every aspect of our lives, there is no longer much separation between our physical and digital worlds –why should this be any different when we shop?

Where do you see retail moving in the next 5 years?

Feldman: I see shopping automation as the “next big thing” in retail. We’ve started to see this with the adoption of auto-replenishment programs (Subscribe & Save, etc.), as well as the development of new technologies such as Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service; which enables connected devices to automatically order physical goods from Amazon when supplies are running low. Convenience, especially in our product category (OTC medication), is a major factor driving this behavior. As shoppers’ lives get busier and more complicated, there will be an increasing need for their daily regimens to be automated.

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