Thursday, July 7, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Microsoft: New and Emerging Data Sources

At TMRE last year, we sat down with Reed Cundiff, General Manager of Customer and Market Research at Microsoft, to discuss the impact of new and emerging data sources.

Here’s a sneak peak of the interview:

Why do we need new or alternative data sets or data sources these days?

Cundiff: It’s simply a natural evolution of how our discipline has evolved for decades. Thinking about what we bring into our stakeholders as we are trying to drive business impact, and thinking about new data types is just a simple part of the natural evolution.

As these new data sources are coming online, then the question is: If we don’t look at how we can incorporate them into the insights that we bring to our clients and our internal stakeholders, then odds are somebody else will. So, let’s think about doing that in a more integrated way, as opposed to having the insights that we bring sit in a silo that then sits next to another data silo.

What kinds of new and emerging data sources are capturing your attention?

Cudiff: One that we’ve been working on for a number of years to try and get our arms around and make meaning out of has been social data. I don’t think Microsoft is alone in thinking that the information that exists in social data applies to our category and a variety of other categories. So that is something that we spent several years trying to understand in detail. In particular, not just understand volume metrics, not just what sentiment looks like around a given theme or category, but really understand how what’s going on in social can relate to, in fact, ideally predict what happens in the offline world.

The second area is behavioral data. Microsoft has a wealth of information that comes online, especially as we move into a services world where we are able to gather data around how people are using our products at a significant level of depth. Tying that with the perception data that we already pull together can help us get a much more well-rounded picture of what’s happening with a customer, a competitor within a marketplace as whole.

To watch the full interview, click here:

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