Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Insights as a Vehicle for Influence: Embracing the Omnichannel Customer Journey

By: Amanda Ciccatelli, Content Marketing & Social Media Strategist, Informa

Insights have become a vehicle for influencing marketing and ultimately, the world. That’s why next in our Insights as a Vehicle for Influence series, we sat down with Claire Quinn, principal at Capre Group to discuss the ever-changing retail space and how to embrace the omnichannel customer experience.

Here’s what Claire had to say:

How is digital reinventing retail?

Quinn: For Millennial “digital natives” and those GenX and Boomers who are early adopters, digital has reshaped the traditional “role sort” of consumers and shoppers. Instead, people are shifting between “consuming” modes and “shopping” modes seamlessly, regardless of their physical location. 

Imagine this scenario to demonstrate these shifting modes:  a young woman views a TV ad showing how a new lipstick will last all day (consuming mode)…she researches user reviews online with her phone (consuming mode)…then uses her phone app to check whether her local drug store carries the brand (shopping mode)…ultimately ordering it for pick-up at her neighborhood store (shopping mode). She has moved along the full path to purchase - shifting between consuming and shopping modes - all from the convenience of her own living room. 

It will be critical to understand the different decisions people are making at each point along this new path, as well as the right marketing touchpoints and content to share to drive conversion and reinforce each purchase decision. 

What can retailers do better to embrace the omnichannel customer journey and experience?

Quinn: The new omnichannel world presents a great opportunity for retailers to partner with manufacturers to successfully meet and exceed consumer/shopper expectations. Manufacturers are experts in their categories, and can provide deeper category leadership insights and perspectives than most retailers can create on their own. And retailers know their shoppers extremely well, having built incredible capabilities to target and engage their shoppers.

Together, manufacturers and retailers are able to collaborate in new ways, such as to engage shoppers pre-store, getting brands on the list of relevant household segments or to reinvent the aisle or check-out experience, to provide added value to shoppers while driving incremental impulse purchases. Working together to exceed shopper expectations provides a triple win for everyone – shoppers, retailers and manufacturers. 

What are some shopper insights lifecycle best practices you can share?

Quinn: One of the most important things insights professionals need to keep in mind when planning research is to “begin with the end in mind.” Specifically, what is the business problem you are trying to solve and how will the insights drive action once the results are in?  

At CaprÄ“ Group, we work with clients to delve into root cause analysis and create hypothesis-driven assertions to guide research design as well as post-research analysis and application. This approach helps to ensure one is thinking through the full insights lifecycle before the Knowledge Brief is even drafted. 

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