Friday, September 30, 2016

Are You Prepared for the Future of Insights?

If you aren’t, don’t worry. TMRE is here to help.

Insights is under pressure. Pressure to reduce costs. Pressure to cut timelines. Pressure to not only produce numbers, but a story that can be sold to the business. TMRE 2016 helps command the boardroom by delivering actionable strategies to leverage insights as a vehicle for influence. The best in the industry will converge to talk technology, disruptive trends, professional skill development, hot new sectors, and the future customer.

If you want to be prepared for these big changes and the future of the insights industry, don’t miss these sessions:

·         Macroeconomic Forecasting, Consensus, And Individual Forecaster: A Real-Time Approach
Azhar Iqbal, Director of Econometrician, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC
·         Brand Building In A Digitally Connected World
Anthony Michelini, Global Director, Strategy and Insights, Citibank
·         Catch A Rising Star: Leveraging Consumer Trends For New Product Success
Michelle Monkoski, Consumer Insights Director, Sargento Foods
Barbara Kilcoyne, Consumer Insights Manager, Sargento Foods
·         Embedding Social Tools in Core Business Processes to Effectively Welcome Millennials Into Your Workforce
Nahal Yousefian, Director of Culture and Engagement, Tesco
·         Enhancing The Workplace Experience For Women Through Re-Imagining The Washroom
Stephanie Magnan, Associate Program Marketer, Global Marketing & Innovation, Kimberly-Clark Professional
Bruce Williamson, Director, Global Marketing & Innovation, Kimberly-Clark Professional
·         The Next Generation Research Function: Six Skills To Make Your Team Future Proof
Kassandra Barnes, Director of Customer Intelligence, CareerBuilder
·         Enough Of The Millenials, Lets Talk About Generation Z And Future Of Auto
Smita Premkumar, Ph.D, Director, Cox Automotive
Sonia Kher, Associate Manager, Cox Automotive
·         The Emerging Cannabis Consumer Marketplace
Emily Paxhia, Founding Partner & Director of Relations, Poseidon Asset Management
·         The Future Of Digital Engagement: How Millennial & Gen Z Behaviors Are
Wynne Tyree, Founder and President, Smarty Pants
·         The Changing Role Of Market Research In This New Customer Experience (Cx) Era
Doug Cottings, Staff VP, Market Strategy & Insights, WellPoint
·         The Future Of Beauty – In The Context Of The Millennial Beauty Journey
Debra Coomer, Sr. Director Marketing Analytics and Customer Insights, Ulta Beauty
·         Future-Proofing Primary Research Projects With Honda R&D
Eri Maeda, Research Group Leader, Advancing Product Planning, Honda R&D America
·         Big Data And Deep Analytics: The Industries Of The Future
Alec Ross, New York Times Best-Selling Author, The Industries of the Future, Former Senior Advisor, Technology and Innovation at the State Department

View the full agenda:

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