Monday, September 12, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Why OmniShopper is Your Key to Retail Success

With the summer holidays now behind us, are you ready to book your OmniShopper International ticket?

If you haven’t really thought about it yet, that’s ok. There’s still time for you commit for 2016. In fact, we’ve come up with a short list of why OmniShopper is YOUR can’t miss destination for retail success:

1.       Uncover the Latest Shopper Research Methodologies
Emmanuel Malard, Consumer & Market Insight Manager, Samsung Electronics details how Samsung validated the use of 360° virtual reality immersion became part of the research toolkit for their insights team, and what’s coming on the horizon.
2.       Integrate Omnichannel Retail Strategies to Connect
Kantar Retail’s Owen McCabe will provide you with an overview of the omnichannel ecosystem, and how smart brand owners are effectively connecting with their consumers by leveraging omnichannel for competitive advantage.
3.       Become a Great Marketing Leader
With the guidance of Patrick Barwise, Emeritus Professor of Management & Marketing, London Business School, you’ll learn how to maximize your business impact and long-term career success by complementing your technical marketing skills with a range of leadership skills. Plus, get an inside look at the soon to be released book, The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader.
4.       Prepare Your Organization for the Next Data Revolution
Big Data will soon be a thing of the past, at least according to Martin Lindstrom. What’s next, the seemingly insignificant consumer observations that will completely transform the way businesses are built and run, soon to be known as SMALL DATA.
5.       Embrace Disruptive Trends & Innovations
Henry Mason will show you can get ahead of your customers’ rapidly accelerating expectations by generating actionable foresight, and relying on the latest trends and innovations across the retail and media landscapes.
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We hope to see you in London!

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