Monday, January 9, 2017

3 Ways Market Researchers Approach Mobile

By: Roddy Knowles, Director, Product & Research Methodology, Research Now 

 This post was originally published on Research Now’s Blog.

I’ve been saying (sometimes complaining or screaming) for years that as an industry we need to wake up and approach research with mobile in mind. I haven’t been alone here.

Several of my colleagues – here at Research Now and elsewhere – have pushed hard for change. Reminders for why we need to change are everywhere, whether that be in the statistic du jour about mobile usage, a dataset with more mobile participants than expected, or just sitting on a park bench watching throngs of people of all ages hunt for Pok√©mon.

In spite of constant everyday reminders and the call from many in the market research field, true change has been slow coming. So, how have market researchers kept pace with broader mobile trends and embraced a mobile-first philosophy?

I’ve conducted an incredibly unscientific segmentation of researchers – cute segment names and all – that attempts to capture what we’re all seeing if we look around at our colleagues.

Response 1 – Meet Bill

Response 2 – Meet Evan Tually
Response 3 – Meet Reese Istant

There is a bit of humor, a bit of shame, and a bit of truth in these characterizations. If you are in this industry I know you know people who look a bit like all 3 of these hypothetical folks. And I know you can call out your friends and colleagues for being a Reese Istant, or just ask them to be a bit more like Bill.

The simple truth in this silliness is that we know that embracing a mobile-first mindset is the best course forward, even if we do a good job suppressing this truth. I know that change is hard. We all know that change is hard. But the sooner we get there, the less painful it will be. And the good news is, we are not too late. Someday, we will have a room full of Bills and I’ll stop my poor attempts at market research humor.

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