Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Q&A with Nielsen’s Chief Research Officer Mainak Mazumbar

In our Insights Interview series, we sit down with insights executives to discuss the state of insights and where it’s going in the future. We were fortunate to catch up with Nielsen’s Chief Research Officer Mainak Mazumbar recently.

Here’s what he had to say:

What is the state of the media research industry in 2017?

Mazumbar: Acceleration of fragmentation and digitization of media will continue to create unique opportunities for the media research industry. 2017 is the year when media research will deliver massive measurement innovation by incorporating various data (e.g. mobile devices, set top boxes, over the top, location etc) into the current measurement methodologies in ways no one ever has before.

What have been the biggest changes in the industry since you started your career?​

Mazumbar: Decline in consumer participation in surveys and rapid adoption of mobile devices have posed methodological and measurement challenges. Researchers have much better insights into media behavior than before because of digital data. New open source tools and cloud now allows researcher to deliver measurement at speed and scale​. New data science talent who are versed both in statistics and computing.

Have the influx of social media and mobile made your job easier or harder?

Mazumbar: It’s definitely easier because social and mobile data now allow us deeper understanding of media consumption in almost real time. The challenge is how we, as researchers, develop methodologies addressing both scale and speed.

How has the media consumer changed in the past few years?

Mazumbar: While we see continued fragmentation, consumers are spending more time on media than ever before. I think mobile and new forms of video make a huge difference and have revolutionized how we consume and interact with media.

How can media companies do a better job reaching the new age consumer?

Mazumbar: Continue pushing forward new strategies for mobile and video.

What is the biggest challenge in the media industry today?

Mazumbar: Three challenges:
1) It's all about consumers' "attention" on various platforms and devices
2) Get ahead of fraud/ viewability issues and regain advertiser's and consumer trust
3) Data protection and privacy

Where do you see media research moving in 5 years?

Mazumbar: There is an increasing need for a third party and objective view of consumer behavior. This will require researchers to develop independent and high quality data sets that reflect the true behavior of real people -- to address biases, limitations and incompleteness of device level data. And the speed at which clients need to make business decisions is increasing. Therefore, we need to deliver research and insights with speed and scale.

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