Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Insights Interview: Q&A with Lynn Martinez, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

We recently sat down with OmniShopper speaker Lynn Martinez who is Vice President & Team Lead, Kroger, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

Here’s what she had to say:

How has retail been disrupted? 

Martinez: Retail has changed a lot, but I’ve seen some real shifts in shopper interaction.  “Pre-shop” engagement directly through the retailers communications have grown significantly.  The “during shop” experience has been modified, too, especially with digital interactions.  Finally, the “post-shop”, there is a great way to bring our shoppers back, through targeting and it really works well!

How has omnichannel impacted retail positively? 

Martinez: Winning today starts with loyalty.  By understanding your shopper, where she shops, when he shops, how often he shops and how she prefers to receive her communications, you can create an expanded brand platform that is amplified when built in concert with retailing strategies.

How is this new era of shopping everywhere impacting shopper insights? 

Martinez: Shopper insights have always been a challenge to collect and the challenges of shoppers moving between channels has only exacerbated the challenge.  BUT, there are ways to understand and create solutions that drive value.

How are shoppers shaping the future of retail? 

Martinez: Shoppers make the decision. We must follow their lead and we are doing that through data.

Why is it important to link digital and physical shopper marketing?  Digital and physical shopper marketing, when linked, amplify your message.  It creates a seamless impression and avoids discontinuity or confusion.

Where do you see retail moving in the next 5 years?

Martinez: It will get faster.  It will get more mobile and digital engagements will likely lead it.  Today, I can order my groceries for pick up on my way home from work that afternoon, in the morning.  What if instead, based upon my buying habits, I’m offered that Taco Tuesday solution, via text?  Or better yet, it’s offered for delivery, with the right beverage, of course!  I look forward to seeing where we go, I only know it will be fast and it will be fun!

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