Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Malcolm Gladwell Returns to TMRE!

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There is no getting around it, you must think, act, and communicate digitally to be successful. 
Back by Popular Demand!  Malcolm Gladwell will grace the TMRE Keynote Stage
Gladwell is best known for his hugely popular, forward-thinking books, like Blink and The Tipping Point. But he recently decided to take his winning formula to another medium—the podcast—with powerful results.                                               
TMRE: The Market Research Event
October 22-25, 2017 | Orlando, FL

The shift to digital helped him reach the next generation of readers and listeners, all while generating emotional connections that aren’t possible on the page.

Have you adapted your research practices to account for this seismic shift?

Gladwell embraced digital to connect with his audience—and he thinks we should all follow his lead!
Why? Find out during his hotly anticipated keynote at TMRE 2017 in Orlando, where he’ll grace the stage along with 120 other thinkers, doers, and elite experts in our field—all helping to arm insights professionals with the innovative ideas you’ll need in a disruptive, unpredictable world.

And that’s not all! Following his talk, Revisionist History: Uncovering Truths Hidden in Data, Gladwell will sit down for an exclusive conversation and interview, titled Unlocking New Opportunities for the Insights Industry, with Dawn Cunningham, Chief Insights Officer at 3M.  

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